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Now that I have described the concept of the Wordpress file structure it is time to make a few files to get the site started. We will first make the basic files to get a blog running. Keep in mind you will have to do lots of research to get the advanced features of your site working. The process of finalizing your site can be never-ending. I find myself always tweaking my CSS file and know that it will change almost daily. But if you weren’t up for that challenge then you wouldn’t have gotten this far in creating a custom theme. You would have already downloaded a theme template and had your site up and running. So for now let’s get our basic files created and the theme working so that we can get back to the overall mission of this tutorial of merging Wordpress and Zenphoto.

Wordpress Theme design is extensive. It is also changing and evolving with each new version of Wordpress. I am going to walk through one technique for creating a custom theme. Theme design is so large I am going to break it up into manageable sections. The first order of business is understanding the elements that comprise a Wordpress theme. There is a file structure to a Wordpress theme and then there is the Visual aspect of Wordpress. They both go hand-in-hand, and I hope this post helps clear the confusion.

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Piwik (our analytics CMS) installation is similar to the last two installations. This installation is really not required for our theme creation. In fact you will not be using this at all locally. I am only installing it locally to demonstrate the installation. It is an identical process for installing it online. When you install Piwik locally all […]

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