Monthly Archives: October 2011

The remaining theme files are setup similar to the index file created earlier. A call to the header, the unique page content, then a call to the sidebar and footer. Setting up these files will basically complete the functionality of your Wordpress site. Of course there is a lot more advanced features of Wordpress but here are the basic files you’ll need to run a simple blog.

In mid October, 2011 I decided I wanted to get away for the weekend and do a little photography. I wanted to visit somewhere new and take some pictures I hadn’t before. A friend of mine was planning on going to Andrew Molera State Park for Saturday night and I decided to head up a couple days early. Before going I searched the web to find out any details that would help me pack for the trip. The State’s website was vague about anything besides the location and some regulations. I decided to write a post about my trip and add some details that might help others planning a trip to Andrew Molera State Park.

It’s finally time to build our Zenphoto theme. With the Wordpress theme styled and basic pages working, we can now make the Zenphoto theme thus completing the basic integration. Just like with the Wordpress files this page will go fast. I encourage you to research each section on your own if you want to know more. As a side not has a large forum with active developers answering forum posts. However from what I have seen most of the time the developers just refer all inquiries to consult their manual and guide. Their manual and guide is a little dry and I hope this part of the tutorial is easier to understand for the laity.

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