Yearly Archives: 2012

So you can no longer open links from an email? Lately I have seen this problem come up a lot, where users can’t open links in outlook. Usually clients are unaware of any changes they made, and it could have been something they didn’t do. When trying to follow links in an email an error […]

I don’t do this often, and trust me there is no incentive for me to, but I have to share an awesome service called SugarSync. I have used SugarSync for over a year. Unfortunately I no longer use the service because I was able to replace it with my Synology NAS. With all the hype about the […]

A few years back I was looking for a storage solution. There were many options out there but most involved an external hard drive. This had a single flaw though, if I wasn’t going to be using this as a portable drive it would be plugged into one machine. How could I access the files […]

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