Monthly Archives: July 2013

Now that ESXi is configured you can create your first Virtual Machine (VM). This process is fairly straight forward. However I want to go through each step of the process. I am creating a Server 2012 core installation and will add the GUI in the next post. This is a long post but at the […]

SCONFIG, short for “Server Configuration” was introduced in Server 2008. It’s a simple command line utility that helps bridge the gap between complete lack of a graphical user interface and running everything by command. As Microsoft pushes for servers with a smaller footprint and less vulnerability to GUI related attacks, SCONFIG helps facilitate tasks without […]

Now that you have Server 2012 Core you might want to switch it over to have the full Graphical User Interface (GUI). With Server 2012 this is as simple as a single Powershell script. Log onto the server and launch Powershell by typing “powershell”.     Type the command to install the GUI.


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