Monthly Archives: August 2013

By default in server 2012 running scripts in Powershell is disabled. This is done for security reasons. Launch Powershell and put in the following command:

The available options are: Restricted¬†– No scripts can be run. Windows PowerShell can be used only in interactive mode. Default setting on new installs. AllSigned¬†– Only scripts signed by […]

It might not be common for every server administrator to need to import a large number of users at once. However, if you do, the process can be automated and save you massive amounts of time. It requires a little bit of leg work to set things up but once the process starts it’s amazingly […]

In this section we will install Active Directory on our server. We will then promote the server to be a domain controller. After we have our domain controller we will add a windows 8 computer to the domain. Follow along with the screenshots. If there are any questions leave comments below. From the Server Manager […]

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