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In my final semester at California State University, Fresno, while earning my undergraduate degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Information Systems, I was involved in a semester long Capstone Project. This project’s goal was to demonstrate all facets of Business that I have learned over the course of my undergraduate career and showcase them in a real world project. The project I was assigned was to help a new task forced consisting of school administrators that was formed to help streamline and increase international study and study abroad admissions. The current structure of international programs is that each department is some what on it’s own. Each department has their own website, with current and outdated information, and rarely do the departments communicate with one another. This causes issues with students and faculty acquiring accurate information. To solve this issue the request from the task force was to 1) create a Portal website that would help direct students and faculty to information that pertained to them and 2) create a theme that each department can implement keeping all Global and Continuing Education website uniform. It was key to go beyond the request and produce a website that was, in addition to the needs of the task force, easy for novice end users to manage and maintain.

Below you will find the Final project documentation, edited to remove sensitive information, and links the mock websites. The Portal Demo was designed as a proof of concept to show how easily administration could access the portal and update changes. The Theme Demo was the actual International Student Services and Programs (ISSP) website mimicked with our custom theme.

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