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My most enjoyable class to-date was Contemporary Leadership. This class was part of my Organizational Management certificate.  This class focused on leading change in an organization and addressed the challenges and approach to being a leader in an organization.  A quote from the class that stuck with me was: “Managers do the right thing, Leaders do what is right”.  This had an impact on me for not only the class but my personal life as well.  Below are a couple assignments that we had to do throughout the semester.  The first, part A, is a behavioral shaping plan in wich we had to identify a behavior we wanted to change and come up with an action plan to change it.  We then, part B, had to assess our progress 2 months later.  The third paper is a Leadership Development plan in which we had to assess ourselves and create a plan for our future.

Shaping Plan A

Shaping Plan B

Leadership Developement Plan

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