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It is the most iconic image of the San Francisco bay area. Perhaps one of the most iconic images of the west coast. The Golden Gate Bridge is a magnificant structure and makes for an easy subject to photograph. I have made a goal of trying to shoot the bridge from standard angles to learn to advance my photography techniques. Saturday September 8th, 2012 the bridge finally came out from its layer of summer fog. I headed to Baker Beach and explored the shoreline looking for a perfect spot to capture images of the bridge.

I will warn anyone going to Baker Beach to take photos, this is a Nude Beach at the North end. As in typical SF fashion it is full of middle aged men letting it all hang out. I wouldn’t suggest bringing kids to the north part of this beach. Sometimes a photographer has to go through hell to get one great shot, this is definitely one of those situations.

I suggest planning on spending the better part of the day at the beach. Find a location you can setup your tripod and capture the bridge from your desired angle. Do a little research ahead of time. As soon as 7 PM hit I noticed people starting to pack up and leave. I assumed people weren’t as interested in photographing the bridge as I was. However at 9 PM when I made my way back to the parking lot I was welcomed by a police officer with his patrol lights flashing. Apparently the park closes at 7. This is sort of a bummer because to capture great shots you need to wait for the sun to go down, which happens well after 7 in summer months. So you have 2 options, A: don’t shoot the bridge in the summer, or B: pack all your gear and sneak in. I’ll let your moral compass decide which is a better choice for you.

Here are the pictures from my first attempt at the Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach.

I will post more as I capture the bridge from different angles.

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