I don’t do this often, and trust me there is no incentive for me to, but I have to share an awesome service called SugarSync. I have used SugarSync for over a year. Unfortunately I no longer use the service because I was able to replace it with my Synology NAS. With all the hype about the […]

At the end of 2009 I took a trip to Maui with my family. As I was just getting into photography I wanted to experiment as much as I could while I was there. This was not my first trip to Hawaii and each time I go I try to take a snorkel cruise. While snorkeling on the beach can be fine for most, taking a cruise gets you to remote reefs and away from the crowds. I wanted to be able to take underwater pictures but didn’t want to have to fork out the cash to buy a decent underwater camera. After doing extensive research I came across the WP-S10 by DiCAPac and decided it would be worth giving a shot. I wrote this post because I wish someone would have done so when I was looking for information a couple years ago.

In mid October, 2011 I decided I wanted to get away for the weekend and do a little photography. I wanted to visit somewhere new and take some pictures I hadn’t before. A friend of mine was planning on going to Andrew Molera State Park for Saturday night and I decided to head up a couple days early. Before going I searched the web to find out any details that would help me pack for the trip. The State’s website was vague about anything besides the location and some regulations. I decided to write a post about my trip and add some details that might help others planning a trip to Andrew Molera State Park.

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