Projects and works I have been involved with throughout my college and professional career.

In my final semester at California State University, Fresno, while earning my undergraduate degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Information Systems, I was involved in a semester long Capstone Project. This project’s goal was to demonstrate all facets of Business that I have learned over the course of my undergraduate career and showcase […]

My father is a member of Tulare Astronomical Association. They have recently had issues attracting new members and managing their website/facebook page. I volunteered over 400 hours to create a content management solution for the club. I also volunteer two hours a month to act as webmaster. Feel free to view the web site and […]

While taking classes for my certificate in organizational management, I enrolled in a nonprofit management class.  The semester long project was to do a special assignment from Community Food Bank of Fresno.  This was on top of 16 hours of manual service working down in the warehouse.  This was one of the most challenging projects […]

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