Working in IT I come across old and retired servers all the time. Most of the time these are junk systems too outdated to run anything in a test environment let alone a production enterprise. This eWaste is for the most part destine to become metallic dust like seen here. However lately I have been […]

So now that your ESXi host and vSphere client are installed, it’s time to start configuring the server.   Rename ESXi Host You’ll want to rename your ESX host. Personally I try to follow a logical naming convention for all my computer and guest names. This is something I picked up in the industry. It’s […]

Now that ESXi is configured you can create your first Virtual Machine (VM). This process is fairly straight forward. However I want to go through each step of the process. I am creating a Server 2012 core installation and will add the GUI in the next post. This is a long post but at the […]

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