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Functions and Loops

Again I want to acknowledge Ian Stewart for his work. I have taken his tutorial and built off of it. He goes into detail for each line of code. However I am trying to just explain the general theme design and how to integrate Zenphoto and WordPress. I will go very fast in this post. If you want to know more about each section of code, I encourage you to research more. WordPress has a large and healthy community of support online.

Replace every instance of the word ‘MyTheme’ with the name of your theme from the previous tutorial page. Make sure that you only replace the word MyTheme written exactly like that. It is case sensitive and in some instances there will read mytheme in all lowercase. The lowercase mytheme should be left alone. Once you copy the text into your text editor try to clean up the lines as much as you can. Pasting the text into the code box for this tutorial wrapped some text. This will also help you read through each line and make sure you are familiar with the code.

The Header

Here is the code that should be in your header.php file.


Here is the code that should be in your functions.php file.


Here is the code that should be in your index.php file.



Here is the code that should be in your sidebar.php file.


Here is the code that should be in your footer.php file.


After you edit the above files your site will still not work or look as you want it to. The next step will resolve that with the Style.css file. Be sure that you spend extra time on this step to edit all the files correctly. Make sure you changed all the appropriate MyTheme texts and that you didn’t add or delete any characters when pasting into your files. Also remember that this is just one way of doing a WordPress theme. Some of the functions and other lines in the pages are what I have added through adding custom parts to my site. Once you get your pages working you can go through and clean up all of your code. Also you will need to create other pages for your WordPress theme to fully work. Right now this is just the main page so that we can connect Zenphoto. I will go over other pages at a later date.

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