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Let me start this off by saying this is a shameless plug for Private Internet Access (PIA). Not just because I get a tiny kickback if people sign up, but because I truly believe in the product. I use PIA and love it. I’ve tried several others (including one about hiding your butt with a Donkey […]

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Working on a redesign of the site. It was long over due! Hopefully the new features will help streamline all the content and help the site run much smoother. Please bare with the mess while things are getting underway. If you come across any bizarre behavior in your browser, please leave a comment or contact […]

The remaining theme files are setup similar to the index file created earlier. A call to the header, the unique page content, then a call to the sidebar and footer. Setting up these files will basically complete the functionality of your Wordpress site. Of course there is a lot more advanced features of Wordpress but here are the basic files you’ll need to run a simple blog.

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