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I don’t do this often, and trust me there is no incentive for me to, but I have to share an awesome service called SugarSync. I have used SugarSync for over a year. Unfortunately I no longer use the service because I was able to replace it with my Synology NAS. With all the hype about the Cloud lately SugarSync really has perfected this for home users. I relied on SugarSync while in college. I had my desktop computer at home and my laptop that I took to class. While at home if I wanted to work on a paper I could enjoy the benefits of a full-size screen and keyboard. While at school I could pull up my files right where I left off but on my laptop. I never had sync errors and my files were always up-to-date. Not to mention I was using both PC and Mac systems.

What compelled me to blog about this the most was their customer service. I decided to let my SugarSync subscription run out, as my Synology NAS replaced my need for third-party cloud service. However, as careless as I am, I failed to notice my SugarSync account was set to auto renew. I didn’t notice this until a month after when I was reviewing my bank statements. I contacted SugarSync and let them know my situation and offered to pay for the month that had lapsed. Shockingly SugarSync refunded my whole year’s subscription. Now I have had experience with other online services that are set to auto renew and if you don’t catch it in time you’re out of luck and out of cash. I was so impressed with this that I needed to share SugarSync with everyone.

They offer free trials and I suggest you give it a shot. They have competitive plans that really are a bargin once you compare other online cloud services. When you compare SugarSync to it’s competitors, most of which I have dabbled with, namely Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud, SugarSync has more features, is easier to use, and is more versatile. I recommend giving SugarSync a try if you’ve been interested in adding cloud services to your arsenal. They have an easy and intuitive interface rather it be on the web, PC, or Mac.

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