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The remaining theme files are setup similar to the index file created earlier. A call to the header, the unique page content, then a call to the sidebar and footer. Setting up these files will basically complete the functionality of your Wordpress site. Of course there is a lot more advanced features of Wordpress but here are the basic files you’ll need to run a simple blog.

It’s finally time to build our Zenphoto theme. With the Wordpress theme styled and basic pages working, we can now make the Zenphoto theme thus completing the basic integration. Just like with the Wordpress files this page will go fast. I encourage you to research each section on your own if you want to know more. As a side not Zenphoto.org has a large forum with active developers answering forum posts. However from what I have seen most of the time the developers just refer all inquiries to consult their manual and guide. Their manual and guide is a little dry and I hope this part of the tutorial is easier to understand for the laity.

This is the tricky part. All the styling is done with the CSS file. For simplicity I have put everything into one file. A lot of people break their CSS down into different files for certain information. But for this tutorial I want to have everything in one place. This is a copy of my CSS file. Certain information has been taken out, but the majority of my site’s design is in it. I suggest using it to get your theme running then go through it and edit all the attributes as you wish. I should also mention that my CSS file is a hodgepodge of bits and pieces of different style sheets throughout the web and may be a bit messy. One important thing to note is that I merged the Wordpress and Zenphoto CSS files into one. This is the first step in integrating the two CMS’s.

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