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At the beginning of this summer I decided I was going to undertake seriously redesigning my website. I have been involved in web design for almost 15 years, although it was always a part-time hobby and never a full-time passion. Most of the sites in the past were for family or local organizations and of course myself. I have had a personal website for quite some time but was never really sure which direction I wanted to take it. Was it going to be a blog? Was it going to show off my achievements or hobbies? Or was it going to allow people to connect with me? All of these questions were floating around in the back of my mind and ultimately I wanted one site that could do it all. I knew that my basic skills would need to be revamped and I would need to spearhead this project with focus and direction in order to achieve my goal. Over the next few posts I will discuss the web development process and hope I can help others who are faced with the same challenges ahead.

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