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The remaining theme files are setup similar to the index file created earlier. A call to the header, the unique page content, then a call to the sidebar and footer. Setting up these files will basically complete the functionality of your Wordpress site. Of course there is a lot more advanced features of Wordpress but here are the basic files you’ll need to run a simple blog.

This is the tricky part. All the styling is done with the CSS file. For simplicity I have put everything into one file. A lot of people break their CSS down into different files for certain information. But for this tutorial I want to have everything in one place. This is a copy of my CSS file. Certain information has been taken out, but the majority of my site’s design is in it. I suggest using it to get your theme running then go through it and edit all the attributes as you wish. I should also mention that my CSS file is a hodgepodge of bits and pieces of different style sheets throughout the web and may be a bit messy. One important thing to note is that I merged the Wordpress and Zenphoto CSS files into one. This is the first step in integrating the two CMS’s.

Again I want to acknowledge Ian Stewart for his work. I have taken his tutorial and built off of it. He goes into detail for each line of code. However I am trying to just explain the general theme design and how to integrate Zenphoto and Wordpress. I will go very fast in this post. If you want to know more about each section of code, I encourage you to research more. Wordpress has a large and healthy community of support online.

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