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It’s finally time to build our Zenphoto theme. With the Wordpress theme styled and basic pages working, we can now make the Zenphoto theme thus completing the basic integration. Just like with the Wordpress files this page will go fast. I encourage you to research each section on your own if you want to know more. As a side not Zenphoto.org has a large forum with active developers answering forum posts. However from what I have seen most of the time the developers just refer all inquiries to consult their manual and guide. Their manual and guide is a little dry and I hope this part of the tutorial is easier to understand for the laity.

Now that all the tools have been explained it is time to get started with the Installation. I have documented the steps I took to make this site work. None of the theme integration will be discussed in this post, just the structural setup so that the themes can be created. At the end of this post all CMS’s will be setup and running locally. If you wish to also repeat the steps you can install the CMS’s online knowing that they will still be in separate folders and have their default themes.

This post is a bit long so make sure you read all pages. If following along with the theming tutorial make sure you set aside at least an hour of time to complete this whole section of the tutorial. I will dedicate each page of the post to a particular installation. This is a general installation and documents my installation of the three CMS’s locally. I did not run into any errors and if you need advanced help I suggest visiting the official CMS’s site at any time.

Before I jump right into installing the Content Management Systems (CMS), I want to go through each one and explain the concepts behind them. This post may be boring to some of you but really needs to be explained. I hope this post will help you understand what each CMS does to support my site vision. I will also explain the services I am using for traffic analysis on this site along as the software I used to create this site.

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